A discussion on an articles on symptoms for hay fever and methods of treatments

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A discussion on an articles on symptoms for hay fever and methods of treatments

Difficulty with sensation of smell and taste Facial pain and sinus blockage In severe cases, the itchiness spreads from the throat to the nose and ears.

In some cases, hay fever can also be associated with symptoms like generalized fatigue, tiredness, irritability as well as insomnia. In asthmatic patients, hay fever worsens their wheezing and breathlessness.

In some cases, the symptoms of asthma are seen only when they have hay fever. Causes and Pathophysiology of Hay Fever Hay fever is caused when our immune system in unable to differentiate between a harmless foreign material and a threat. The body reacts on exposure to the foreign substance and a series of immunological reaction takes place.

An antibody called as immunoglobulin E is produced as part of the defence mechanism. This is followed by release of the chemical histamine. A few examples of hay fever triggers and associated peak time are mentioned below: Grass Pollen Causing Hay Fever: These tend to affect individuals in the late spring and in summer.

Tree Pollen as a Cause of Hay Fever: These affect individuals during spring season.

What is Hay Fever? Signs and symptoms of hay fever. Methods for diagnosis Your doctor will usually diagnose hay fever by looking in your throat and nose and asking about symptoms.

Hay Fever due to Weed Pollen: This type is mostly common during warm weather. Risk Factors for Hay Fever The chances of developing hay fever increases with the following risk factors: The risk of developing hay fever is higher if there is family history of hay fever or other similar allergies.

History of Other Allergies: Individuals who are known to have other allergies are at higher risk of developing hay fever. Asthmatic patients tend to suffer from hay fever more than others.

It has been noticed that hay fever usually affects younger boy's more than younger girls. Studies have shown that boys are affected by hay fever at least twice more than girls before reaching adolescence. However, post adolescence girls are affected more than boys.

Usually, people born during the seasons when there is more pollen in the environment suffer from hay fever more often than people born during other time of the year. Exposure to passive smoking or second hand smoke also contributes to hay fever.

Children who are exposed to passive smoking especially during the first few years of life are at higher risk of developing allergic rhinitis.

It has been seen that the incidence of hay fever is higher among the first born child than the others. Babies with no siblings or one sibling develops hay fever later in life more than other children born to bigger families.

Children in High Income Families: Children born in families following a high standard of living are at higher risk of developing hay fever as they grow up.

The last 3 risk factors are usually due to higher risk of developing childhood infections and autoimmune issues.

A discussion on an articles on symptoms for hay fever and methods of treatments

Treatment and Management of Hay Fever Hay fever is usually treated by medications that are easily available over the counter. In many cases, a combination of multiple drugs tends to provide better relief. The most common choice of treatment modality includes: Antihistamine Medicines to Treat Hay Fever Antihistamine sprays and tablets are easily available over the counter.

As the name indicates, antihistamine arrests release of the chemical called histamine. These drugs often provide relief to runny nose, itchiness and sneezing. They do not work in case of blocked nose. Example of over-the-counter antihistamine drugs includes Claritin, Alavert, Zyrtec etc.

Drugs like Astelin can be used upto 8 times a day. However, most of these drugs are associated with drowsiness and foul taste in mouth. Eye Drops to Manage Hay Fever Eyes drop containing cromoglycate helps is reducing itchiness and inflammation in the eyes. Nasal Corticosteroids for Hay Fever These are very effective in the management of inflammation caused by hay fever.

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Hay fever (Pollen Allergy) is a type of allergy triggered by pollen from trees, weeds and grasses. Learn the symptoms. Get the basics on the diagnosis and treatment of hay fever from the experts at WebMD.

Your doctor will know if you have hay fever based on your symptoms and a physical Best Treatments for.

Hay Fever (Allergic Rhnitis) Diagnosis & Treatment

"The majority of hay fever sufferers are affected by grass pollen, but there are different types of pollen that can cause hay fever depending on the time of the year." As an atopic (allergic) condition, it is caused by the body's immune system overreacting to pollen in the air.

In addition, 48% of the patients reported previous symptoms of asthma in August and September, 43% reported March through May hay fever, 24% reported May and June hay fever, and 5% had intermittent winter rhinitis; 26% had a negative family history of atopy, and 13% had previously used intranasal treatments for symptoms of hay fever and had mixed results.

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A discussion on an articles on symptoms for hay fever and methods of treatments