A discussion on the visual aural and special elements of equus

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A discussion on the visual aural and special elements of equus

Visual, Aural and Spatial Elements Visual, Aural and Spatial Elements Our practical task- was to stage a scene from the play in order to maximise its comic impact, with an awareness of its visual, aural and spatial elements and what these communicated to an audience.

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We tried to use as many Fo-esque styles as we could when possible and take into consideration the visual, aural and spatial aspects and how these combine to create comedy.

It drew attention to the cowardly, childish nature of the Constable. We decided to have Bertozzo, Pissani and The Super wearing black coloured suits and golden coloured tie.

We chose the colour of the tie to be gold because is it a bold colour and also can show wealth and status. This was quite fitting as they all like to think they are in command and of a high status. He had a pink feather boa, a crazy hat and a large multi-coloured coat on and bright yellow shopping bags, which are used to store his costumes.

All the bright and bold colours were to symbolise his personality. The outfit was all jumbled together which worked really well and it gave a great visual impact. He became a sudden splash of exuberance in a drab, dark, bureaucratic office.

As well as discussing costumes we also thought about what set we could have had.

A discussion on the visual aural and special elements of equus

We wanted quite a minimalistic and realistic set. We as a group chose to have a desk for Bertozzo, like an office desk and I think a coat stand could also have been used.

The set would have been enclosed by three walls box setlike the walls of the office and would have been face on to the audience, with the walls angled to allow fro slight-lines. We staged it so that at the beginning of the play the Maniac started off really quietly then as his personality became clearer to the audience he then projected his voice in a much louder, quicker manner to show clearly his energy and liveliness.

There were also parts where we altered the tempo of our voices for added aural impact which really worked well to add verbal humour to the performance. Spatial- To make use of all the space we had, we wanted to use as much as possible when necessary.

However contrasting this there was always distance kept between the Maniac and the other two. The use of levels was quite important as well throughout our own performance. The Maniac was always up and down to generate lots of energy in the play.

The Play as a whole Costume Overall the costumes for each individual character had to suit their personality which will help to enhance their roles and visual impact. Hopefully my designs and sketches show this. Set The set would be quite realistic and the furniture would be very minimal.

The setting would just be in the office with the three walls enclosing it. There would be a door in one wall for people to exit and enter through- this would help the play aurally as the door could then actually be slammed for a sound effect.

A window would also be needed, preferably in the middle of the back wall so it could be a central focus, and a permanent reminder of the tragic death.

Props Apart from the furniture and costumes not many props would be necessary for anyone apart from the Maniac who would need his carrier bags full of his humorous disguises and eccentric objects with which to ridicule the police.equus et mulus: Ps.

, `nolite fieri sicut equus et mulus, quibus non est intellectus'; horse and mule pass for higher animals because of their posture (en.

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Equus, a play in two acts, is set in Rokesby Psychiatric Hospital in southern England. Most of the action takes place in this hospital—specifically in psychiatrist Martin Dysart’s office.

However, as characters in Dysart’s office discuss and reconstruct past events in the life of Alan Strang.

A discussion on the visual aural and special elements of equus

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LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Equus, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Passion The place and value of passion in . Lakeland Theatre will deliver plenty of laughs when the university stages "The Bible: The Complete Word of God (abridged)" on Nov.

The play is a humorously irreverent romp through the Old and New Testament told in an improvisational way, covering the Bible's greatest hits courtesy of authors Adam Long, Reed Martin and Austin Tichenor.

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