Administrative assistant

If you still need additional help, check out our expansive cover letter collection for even more tips. Four Tips for Administrative Assistant Resume Writing A career as an administrative assistant, while not glamorous, is an option with steady growth and opportunities for advancement.

Administrative assistant

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Administrative assistant

December Learn how and when to remove this template message A secretary, also known as a personal assistant PA or administrative assistant, has many administrative duties. The title "secretary" is not used as often as in decades past, and responsibilities have evolved to much more advance skill set such as mastering Microsoft Office applications; WordPowerPointand Excel to name a few.

The duties may vary according to the nature and size of the company or organization, and might include managing budgets, bookkeeping, attending telephone calls, handling visitors, maintaining websites, travel arrangements, and preparing expense reports.

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Secretaries might also manage all the administrative details of running a high-level conference or meeting and be responsible for arranging the catering for a lunch meeting. Often executives will ask their assistant to take the minutes at meetings and prepare meeting documents for review.

Etymology[ edit ] The term is derived from the Latin word secernere, "to distinguish" or "to set apart", the passive participle secretum meaning "having been set apart", with the eventual connotation of something private or confidential, as with the English word secret.

A secretarius was a person, therefore, overseeing business confidentially, usually for a powerful individual a king, pope, etc. As the duties of a modern secretary often still include the handling of confidential information, the literal meaning of their title still holds true. With time, like many titles, the term was applied to more and varied functions, leading to compound titles to specify various secretarial work better, like general secretary or financial secretary.

Administrative Assistants provide support to managers, other employees, and office visitors by handling a variety of tasks in order to ensure that all interactions between the organization and others are positive and productive. Administrative Assistant duties and responsibilities include providing administrative support to ensure efficient operation of the office. Supports managers and employees through a variety of tasks related to organization and communication. An Administrative Assistant is typically paid an average salary of around $35, annually. An administrative assistant's industry influences earning potential. Administrative assistants in the financial sector usually command the highest salaries, especially in the areas of hedge funds, investment banking, and mergers and acquisition.

Just "secretary" remained in use either as an abbreviation when clear in the context or for relatively modest positions such as administrative assistant of the officer s in charge, either individually or as member of a secretariat.

As such less influential posts became more feminine and common with the multiplication of bureaucracies in the public and private sectors, new words were also coined to describe them, such as personal assistant. Modern developments[ edit ] InSir Isaac Pitman founded a school where students could qualify as shorthand writers to "professional and commercial men".

Originally, this school was only for male students. In the s, with the invention of the typewritermore women began to enter the field and during the upcoming years, especially since World War Ithe role of secretary has been primarily associated with women.

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By the s, fewer men were entering the field of secretaries. In an effort to promote professionalism among United States secretaries, the National Secretaries Association was created in The organization developed the first standardized test for office workers called the Certified Professional Secretaries Examination CPS.

It was first administered in By the midth century, the need for secretaries was great and offices and organizations featured large secretarial pools. In some cases the demand was great enough to spur secretaries being recruited from overseas; in particular, there was often a steady demand for young British women to come to the U.Officeteam specializes in contract, contract-to-full-time and full-time placement of the most in-demand administrative positions in the industry.

This is a list of the roles we most commonly place, along with job descriptions that detail the roles, responsibilities, skills, experience and educational requirements of each. Looking to hire a US based professional office executive assistant?

We can match you with virtual administrative services that can help and support your everyday tasks.

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Administrative assistants perform clerical duties in nearly every industry. Some administrative assistants, like those in the legal industry, may be more specialized than others.

A secretary or personal assistant is a person whose work consists of supporting management, including executives, using a variety of project management, communication, or organizational skills.

However this role should not be confused with the role of an executive secretary, who differs from a personal assistant.

In many countries, an executive secretary is a high-ranking position in the. Become an administrative assistant, office assistant, full-time receptionist, or even data entry clerk at an office that is up-and-coming or already prolific and established.

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If you wish, extend your abilities and take a more managerial approach by applying for an office administrator or operations manager position.

4. Four Tips for Administrative Assistant Resume Writing. A career as an administrative assistant, while not glamorous, is an option with steady growth and opportunities for advancement.

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