An analysis of olenka who had a personality defect

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An analysis of olenka who had a personality defect

West in the mirror of Soviet and Russian screen………………………. Western scholars have published some books and articles about the enemy image i. Russia during the Cold War era. For instance, American scholars M. Troper Strada, and Troper, T. Youngblood Shaw and Youngblood, analyzed a number of American and Soviet movies on the Cold War topic in their monographs and arrived at a valid conclusion that a chameleon-like presentation of Russians in the Hollywood cinema had often changed its color — now red now pink-red, sometimes white or blue depending on the foreign policy changes Strada, Troper,p.

But, firstly, these authors did not set before themselves the aim to give a comparative analysis of the Soviet and post-Soviet Russian screen images, and, secondly, they analyzed exclusively American and Soviet media texts and did not study western films in general.

Cinema due to TV shows, videos, DVDs and Internet is considered an effective means of media influence including political and ideological influence on the audience. Consequently, the study of the Russian image transformation on the western screen is still up-to-date.

My work relies on research content approach study of the process content with the whole complex of its elements, their interactions and character, reference to facts, analysis and synthesis of theoretical findings, etc. For this purpose I use both theoretical research methods classification, comparison, analogy, induction and deduction, abstraction and concretization, theoretical analysis and synthesis, generalization and empirical research methods data acquisition connected with the research subject matter.

The efficiency of such methods has been proved by western R. This trend can also be traced in many western works of art — both before the appearance of the USSR and after its disintegration.

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Romm and, certainly, dozens of wellknown actors of different nationalities were involved in the process of the ideological struggle. The Soviet censorship prohibited all films of western authors involved in creating at least one anti-Soviet media text In practice the Soviet censorship usually prohibited films of those figures of the western culture for example, Y.

Shooting in anti-Soviet films of B.


Fonda and many other celebrities did not at all affect the showing of ideologically neutral films with their participation in the Soviet Union. Moreover, some of these masters were even invited to take part in joint Sovietwestern film productions.

It is another matter that their ideological pranks were not mentioned in the Soviet press. Probably, the Kremlin administration of that time realized that prohibition of all films, books and articles of faulty western prominent people of culture would induce a super-deficit of foreign media texts as a whole in Soviet libraries and cinemas… 6 Myth 4: Western anti-Soviet media texts were always more truthful than Soviet anti-western opuses Here media texts do differ.

On the one hand, the films Nicholas and Alexandra directed by F. Shaffner and The Assassination of Trotsky directed by J. Losey look much more truthful and convincing in comparison to some anti-western movies for example, Silver Dust by A.

Room or The Plot of the Doomed by M. However, the anti-Soviet action films Red Dawn or Amerika look, to put it mildly, improbable even in comparison with the Soviet militarist action movie Solo Voyage which became a kind of a counter-response to the victorious pathos of American Rambo… Myth 5: Kalatozov, Dead Season by director S.

Kulish, The Assassination of Trotsky directed by J. Losey, Reds by W. Beatty, by M.


To a considerable degree the Cold War was caused by the political and social development of the socalled Third World decolonization, revolutions, etc.

Westad, and each of the antagonists aspired to broaden its zone of influence in Africa, Asia and Latin America by all means. At the same time, the opposition between Russia at all times and under any regimes and the West also at all times and under any regimes was also connected with much deeper reasons.

Here we fully agree with J. In whole, Russia always both attracted and repelled the West.KompoZerPortable/App/AppInfo/benjaminpohle.compoZerPortable/App/AppInfo/[Format] Type=benjaminpohle.commat Version= [Details] Name=KompoZer Portable. REFLECTIONS: WEST ABOUT RUSSIA / RUSSIA ABOUT WEST.

was a direct cinema consequence of Khruschev's exposures of Stalin’s personality cult, with N.

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Khrushchev, G. Zhukov, G. Malenkov, L.

An analysis of olenka who had a personality defect

Beriya and other leaders of the Soviet administration of that time as characters. They look according to the aim of the media text sources: Soviet.

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An analysis of olenka who had a personality defect

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