Athesist worst nightmare

It is not a kids theme park. Kent Hovind is a liar. He is living in a fancy home at the property while everyone else lives like crap and get paid nothing.

Athesist worst nightmare

Share1 Shares 10K Atheism has been around for thousands of years, and responsible for many philosophical and scientific developments.

Athesist worst nightmare

Like any movement, it has had its fair share of evil characters. As atheism has no moral precepts, outside of natural morality and ethics, it is hard to say how their atheism influenced their behavior or the particular political and similar movements they chose to follow. It seems that no matter what philosophy or religion people profess, people will always do wrong, whether or not in the name of their faith.

Undoubtedly, he helped to progress social values — but, nevertheless, he took sadistic pleasure out of his research, and did some very weird stuff, including exploiting children for sex.

Moreover, much of his research was fraud. He was one of the best ever military commanders, and conquered much of Europe.

He staged a coup and declared himself Emperor. While he ended anarchy in post-Revolution France, many considered him a tyrant and usurper. He ignored treaties and conventions, seeking undisputed rule throughout Europe.

He plundered conquered territories. His 17 years of rule resulted in the bankruptcy of France, loss of many of her territories, six million dead Europeans and economic setback in just one generation.

Athesist worst nightmare

He has overseen the formation of one of the most closed societies in the world. There is no notion of free press, and journalists who opposed his regime are detained. Aung Suu Kyi, the leader of the main opposition party, is kept in house detention by him. Civil servants are forbidden from resigning.

Burma has the highest rate of child soldiers in the world, and uses forced labor on construction projects. As far as dictators go, Than Shwe keeps a relatively low, and even sullen, profile.

Nevertheless, he reportedly leads an extravagant lifestyle, while his people continue to suffer a life of extreme poverty and natural disasters.

In the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis, he refused entry into the country for many foreign aid organizations. Those caught stealing food in the famine-struck nation, or attempting to cross the borders, are subject to public execution. Kim is continuing his lavish lifestyle and military obsession in spite of the crumbling economy.

In North Korea he and his father are deified, considered saviors of the whole universe. He has waged a war on South Korea that involved assassinating South Korean leaders and blowing up South Korean planes.

He presents a great threat to the world in terms of nuclear warfare, having persuaded the Soviet Union to award him a nuclear reactor in He brutally killed seventeen men and boys, dismembering them, storing their parts and indulging in cannibalism and necrophilia.

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Inhe was caught by the police after one of his would-be victims escaped. Despite pleading not guilty on the basis on insanity, the court found him sane and fully accountable.

He later expressed remorse.The latest Tweets from your worst nightmare (@kalpesh_78). lazy activist, Atheist, NOTA. Mumbai, India We've detected that JavaScript is disabled in your browser. The banana argument is a specific teleological argument for theism based on the form and function of natural objects—specifically in this case, the banana.

According to Ray Comfort, the banana is "the atheist 's nightmare"; as he considers its ease of use, nutritional value and "colour-coding" to be irrefutable proof of intelligent design. Goodness. Ken Pulliam at Former Fundy has been writing up a storm of interesting, well-researched posts on Christian theology.

Ken is one who fell away from evangelical Christianity not because it failed the Outsider Test, but because it failed the. A Liberal’s Worst Nightmare Leave a reply One of my teaching colleagues and mentors used to love to tell the story of what happened one day after he and a colleague teamed up for a particularly impassioned lecture in the interdisciplinary course they were team-teaching. seeks to promote open and reasonable discussion to support free thinking and free people. The path to free thought is through questioning, learning from, and understanding ourselves, others, and our universe.

I believe he is actually referring to Ray Comfort's infamous banana video, where he proclaims its perfect design is an atheists worst nightmare.

Which is even funnier in hindsight after TJ Kirk (the artist formerly known as The Amazing Atheist) shoved one up his ass.

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