Disadvantages of action research

Disadvantages of using secondary research? Quality of Researcher - As we will discuss, research conducted using primary methods are largely controlled by the m…arketer.

Disadvantages of action research

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Add a new page edit this panel Advantages Of Action Research Baimba and eight teachers collaboratively working to design teaching module of force based on the constructivist approach.

After participation with Baimba, the teachers Baimba, Classroom practices can best be changed by teachers who engage in their own research Briscoe and Wells, The research process can force teachers to examine their personal beliefs regarding the nature of science and resolve conflict among them beliefs and curriculum perceived Briscoe and Wells, Action research process can promote teachers' growth as a empowered professional Briscoe and Wells, It challenge teachers' understanding of what students know and how they learn.

It gain teachers' confidence in their teaching ability Briscoe and Wells, Reading as a literature review of action research process can provide teachers knowledge base even they don't conduct the research yet Briscoe and Wells, When teachers become researchers, they not only become more reflective, analytical, and critical of their own teaching, but increase their problem-solving skills as well Briscoe and Wells, Compared to other, more common, quick fix professional development activities, encouraging teachers to participate in action research and supporting them through the research process can be a viable approach to facilitating change in teaching consistent with current calls for reform Briscoe and Wells, Teachers who engage in action research generally become more aware of their own practices, of gaps between their beliefs and practices, and of what their pupils are thinking, feeling, and learning.

Action research can help teachers to reduce the gap tension between their theories and practices or between knowing about and doing Pedretti and Hodson, Well within the lifetime of the project, the teachers took the crucial next step in their professional development of using newly modified theoretical principles to generate new teaching activities for subsequent trial, evaluation, and modification.

In other words they were putting the rhetoric of action research into practice Pedretti and Hodson, While the project was a group activity, it was, for each teacher, a personal journey of professional reconstruction—a process of change, development and modification of each teachers' personal theory and professional practices Pedretti and Hodson, A set of new relationships, discourse and practices are established, which constitute a challenge and a force for modification and change.

Thus the action research group becomes a site for a creative contestation among existing personal beliefs and practices, the beliefs and practices of other members Pedretti and Hodson, The reconstruction of personal belief entailed in action research can be very demanding, both intellectually and emotionally Pedretti and Hodson, Action research provided a way of building bridged between these two groupd of science teachers elementary and secondary and breaking down some of the traditional barrier Pedretti and Hodson, Teachers know that they are capable of carrying out meaningful research and contributing to curriculum design and development Pedretti and Hodson, In our authors' view, this renewal and extension of professional confedence is the most significant outcome of the action research project.

It represents the kinds of empowerment that will ensure the continuing professional development of teachers.Conducting action research can also change how teachers view themselves as professionals. this professional development approach can create a collegial. collaborative environment that fosters risk-taking.

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as their learning is the focus of the action research study. •creates a more positive school climate in which teaching and learning are 5/5(1). Action research may utilize any of the research methods and may involve collaboration with colleagues, clients, or professional researchers.

4. Hobson also recommends that teacher researchers keep a . Action research may utilize any of the research methods and may involve collaboration with colleagues, clients, or professional researchers.

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4. Hobson also recommends that teacher researchers keep a .

Disadvantages of action research

Advantages of action research It can be done by an individual or a group It improves educational practice and helps create better professionals Educators can develop ways to improve their craft The researchers identify the problems systematically It can lead to the development of 5/5(1).

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Origins of Participatory Action Research action inquiry, and cooperative inquiry (Whyte ). A Review of the Literature on the Benefits action research (Gayfer ).

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