Essay save our natural future generation

The need for change in human development for them to lead happy lives has been debated for decades.

Essay save our natural future generation

As far as we know, Earth is the only planet that has life. But since humans developed cities and industries, the modern lifestyle has changed.

Man has been using and misusing natural resources up to the limit. Now we are tearing up remote corners of the planet looking for crude oil and coal, and our forests and wild animals are disappearing.

Our environment is totally polluted: Hence we are suffering from diseases. As a result of human activities, the ozone layer has a hole, the sea is rising, and the ice caps of Antarctica and Greenland are melting.

Essay save our natural future generation

Now global warming is warning us that climate change is not a hoax and it is coming. Mother Earth is in danger; life on Earth is in danger.

Let us come together to save our life-giving and life-saving Mother Earth. Save this beautiful Earth! Save the Forest The evolution of people and animals was only possible because of plants. Plants are the base of the food chain and the source of energy for almost all life on Earth.

Forests are ancient, mature communities of plants and animals, with homes and places for thousands of species. Forests give us oxygen, food, shelter, medicines, fuel, and furniture. Forests protect us from the heat of the sun, and from wind, cold, and rain. Forests maintain the balance of nature, the environment, the climate, the weather, and the composition of the atmosphere.

As a matter of fact, forests are our life. But what are we doing? We are destroying the forests, meaning we are destroying our life and our future.

Essay save our natural future generation

All the problems we face today are made worse by deforestation. If we are thinking beings, we must save plants and forests, because they save us. Our Earth belongs to all living things, if it belongs to any of them. But we overpowered many species and killed them for our use.

Essay on Save Fuel for Better Environment and Health – Our Byte Now it is necessary to have knowledge about the need and importance of natural resources as well as spread complete awareness by focusing on its hazardous effects due to non availability of these resources. We have provided here some essays on natural resources with detailed knowledgeable information.
Recent Posts So willingly or unwillingly we are dependent on fuels to live.

Now thousands of species are extinct because their habitat is gone. As a matter of fact, these animals, birds, and insects have actually built a better environment for us, provided us with so many things: We are here on Earth because they are here on Earth.

If they are gone, we will also be gone.need an essay on "save fuel for better environment an health" Share with your friends know fuel is not man made and it occurs only naturally so its judicious use is much more needed not for today but for future generation too.

wind, tidal, geothermal, biomass, Nuclear, hydro, biofuel and so on. Then we meet our demands as well as save /5(10). Preserving natural resources is an essential response towards the survival of the future generation.

Think and act in an eco-friendly manner by preserving nature’s beauty. With limited natural resources due to over-exploitation, our future generation will be is why sustainable living is important and should form part of daily routine because we need the natural resources to sustain our daily needs.

Save the Forest

My Earth; My Responsibility. Posted PoonamVOY Our Earth provides us with food, shelter & with most of our requirements. as a global citizen so as to protect my living planet from deterioration & to handover clean & green planet to our future generations.

Maybe our single efforts may seem small but if thousands of youths can unite. Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Essay.

This website includes study notes, research papers, essays, articles and other allied information submitted by visitors like YOU. Ultimately, the protection of natural resources and the environment requires the implementation of legal and political measures, and the advancement of science and technology.

Like fixing a car or leaking appliance, protecting and conserving resources for future generations requires essential tools and techniques according to United Electrical. We should Save Fuel for Better Environment and Health.

Now how saving fuel can leads to a better environment and health well here is the answer. Industrialization, machinery and faster modes of transport have become a way of life and symbols of prosperity/5(13).

Essay on Save Earth for Children and Students