Evaluate the view that working class

This was seen through by the key changes the policy of the Education Reform Act made.

Evaluate the view that working class

Danielle Crockett, who was found in a Plant City, Florida home in While the basic idea outlined above has been a component of most understandings of socialization, there have been quite a variety of definitions and theories of socialization.

Some of these approaches are presented here as Evaluate the view that working class variety is often informative. This is referred to as "overimitation" and, while seemingly maladaptive from an evolutionary perspective, it is possible that this is one of the characteristics of humans that facilitates the transmission of culture from generation to generation.

Socialization as Joining Groups[ edit ] Socialization has addressed the problem of individual adjustment to society.

Evaluate the view that working class

In all of the approaches outlined above, socialization has, in one way or another, referred to the idea that society shapes its members toward compliance and cooperation with societal requirements.

In order to reduce confusion, develop a research methodology for measuring socialization, and potentially lead to the comparability of research findings from different studies, Long and Hadden proposed a revised understanding of socialization.

According to Long and Hadden, many earlier approaches to socialization extended socialization to every part of human social life.


As a result, everyone becomes both a socializing agent socializer and a novice socializee in all encounters with others. This conceptualization leaves socialization without a social home; it is all around but no place in particular.

Another criticism of previous approaches is that they allowed socialization to include anything, and anything which is part of the process at one time may be excluded at another. With this conceptualization, any phenomenon may shift its status in the socialization process without changing its own composition or expression.

In other words, socialization includes virtually everything, excludes almost nothing, and shifts with circumstance and outcomes.

Additionally, previous approaches to socialization lacked specificity about the nature of socialization activity.

Defining socialization by its outcomes made it unnecessary to stipulate the nature of the process conceptually. Socialization could be attributed to this or that but in order to truly understand what is taking place it is necessary to go beyond just pointing to socializing agents and specify what it is about those agents that is doing the socializing.

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Another serious drawback of earlier approaches is that they disregard the process component of socialization. Doing so limits the socialization concept to employment primarily as a post hoc interpretive category that is used to lend significance to findings defined and developed in other terms.

As a result of these criticisms, Long and Hadden found themselves presented with a two-fold task: Under this understanding, the principal agents of socialization are certified and practicing members of the group to which novices are being socialized.

It should be noted that certified here is only a shortened way of saying "a socially approved member of the group. Research Examples[ edit ] Numerous examples of research on socialization could be presented in this section. One important area of socialization research involves differences in gender socialization, but much of that research is summarized in the chapter on gender.

The following three research examples are interesting in that they explore both primary and secondary socialization and do so from varying perspectives. Kohn, [14] explored differences in how parents raise their children relative to their social class.

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Kohn found that lower class parents were more likely to emphasize conformity in their children whereas middle-class parents were more likely to emphasize creativity and self-reliance. In other words, Ellis et. For example, factory work is far more about conforming than innovation.

Another study in this same area explored a slightly different component of this relationship.

Evaluate the view that working class

Erlanger was interested in a correlation between social class and physical violence. It should also be noted that Erlanger readily points out when his findings are strongly supported or weakly supported by his data. It behooves the interested party to read his paper directly rather than rely on the summary above for the specific nuances.

Further, it is important to note that many of these findings especially in relation to Kohn's original analyses have also been verified in natural settings. Annette Lareaufor example, utilized interviews and participant observation with middle and working class parents to demonstrate two primary patterns of child rearing distinguished by class status - concerted cultivation and natural growth.

Specifically, she found that working class parents encouraged natural growth wherein their children were left more free to structure their own time, which facilitated greater development of creativity and wider friendship and familial networks, but also led to an emerging sense of social restraint.Assess the view that working-class kids get working-class jobs.

J.W.B Douglas (, ) did a study on over children through their years at school in education. He found that working class parents were less interested in their child’s education, than middle class parents were. Scholastic aptitude and working memory predicted general multitasking ability (i.e., performance at baseline difficulty), but spatial manipulation (in conjunction with working memory) was a major.

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membership and ultimate class membership, and how this link is mediated by the education system. According to Bourdieu, the education systems of industrialised societies function in such a way as to legitimate class inequalities.

Success in the educa-tion system is facilitated by the possession of cultural capital and of higher-class habitus. Perhaps there is some way to look at this–a view from the middle–that would allow us to communicate and realize that our national identity is the tie that will bind us comfortably, and with a bow.

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It can be found in the Performance section of that tab. Published: Mon, 5 Dec ‘Marx believed that our society was in a state of continual conflict between the working class and upper class, evaluate the Marxist theory of social class using Functionalism, Weberian, and postmodern theories of class’.

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