Healthlite yogurt information technology plan

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Healthlite yogurt information technology plan

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Healthlite has corporate headquarters in Danbury, Connecticut and has several production plants in different states in the U. Healthlite has grown rapidly and is looking toward improving its business by making its sales and ordering processes more efficient.

Organization Overview In the following paragraphs, the overview of the Healthlite Yogurt Company will be discussed according to the listed categories: In each production plant, a minicomputer system connects to the mainframe and receives customer orders and related information from headquarters.

This information can be transferred to the minicomputers in the local production plants. Additionally, Healthlite has a person marketing group at corporate headquarters.

Healthlite yogurt information technology plan

However, they must mail manual sales reports to the corporate headquarters. Yogurt has a very short shelf life, and it must be moved very quickly. Major Business Processes Order Processing The current ordering process is described in the following: Each ticket lists the amount and kind of product ordered by the customer account.

Often, orders are delayed when the fax machines break down. Those workers handleorder tickets per week.Redesigning the Information Technology plan to make the system more effective.

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INTRODUCTION Healthlite Yogurt Company is a fast growing producer of yogurt based-products, such as, low-fat yogurt and other related products.

The Business Plan Healthlite Yogurt Co. Danbury.

Healthlite yogurt information technology plan

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Essentials of Management Information Systems: Organization and Technology in the Redesigning Business Processes for Healthlite Yogurt Company.

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