How to write a follow up email to get an interview

Days pass, then weeks, and we wonder, when should we follow up with the company and how? This post is all about how to write a follow up email after an interview and includes a template you can use. There are generally at least two follow up touch points in any job interview process. I recommend sending the thank you note follow up 1 the day of the interview or the day after.

How to write a follow up email to get an interview

Well, wait no longer.

how to write a follow up email to get an interview

It's time to actively seek the internship opportunity you're vying for, and we're here to show you how! Network before you apply In the professional world, who you know matters.

Ali, a junior at the University of Florida, recently landed her dream internship at Conde Nast. It started with a personal connection who set up an interview with an HR representative for her, but she had to lay some of the ground work herself, as well.

On the flight back to Florida, she wrote thank you notes by hand to her interviewer and personal connection to emphasize her appreciation.

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I also ended up getting the internship. I'll be headed to New York at the beginning of June! Gratitude also counts, and showing appreciation to your personal connections will only strengthen them in the long run.

Play the waiting game There is no golden waiting period after you turn in an application, but experts suggest waiting about a week after you submit an application to check back in. Checking in too soon may make you seem pushy.

Jessica Pawlarczyk, a junior at Vanderbilt University, waits a bit longer to pursue her applications. Be assertive Jess recommends being forward when it comes it following up.Unfortunately, I find people don’t know how to request this kind of conversation or follow-up from it in a way that builds a relationship.

So today, I’m here to show you how. Recently I was asked to do an informational interview with a prospective coach and appreciated the way she requested the conversation and followed up.

Email follow-up for job seekers: Following up with an application. When you’re on the hunt for a job, it can be overwhelming to keep track of applications and correspondence.

Whether you’ve just sent a hiring manager your resume, or had a great interview and are waiting to hear back, it’s a good idea to send a follow-up email to reinforce.

Sample Sales Follow Up Email: Let’s walk through an example to better understand the process of writing a follow up email. Say we just had an insightful conversation with a potential client and we need to send a follow up email to set up another meeting to dive deeper into a topic.

how to write a follow up email to get an interview

However, if you follow up an interview with a good email, then you could separate yourself from the pack of those who didn’t bother sending one. To begin, we’ll give you some general guidelines for writing good interview follow-up emails.

Best case scenario: You complete the interview and the hiring manager gives you somewhat of a definitive timeline of when you can expect to hear from them – “by next Monday” or “we’ll be done interviewing by the 15th” – allowing you a metric by which to gauge your follow up response.

Careers advice > Letter after an interview. Letter after an interview. Lots of people overlook the importance of a follow-up letter or email after an interview.

However, with so many people not thinking to do this, it can really give you an edge Email is obviously the faster and easier way of doing it, but a letter could sit on their desk.

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