Letter from the war front world

Inside the First World War brings you the poignant letters sent home by soldiers 1: Stephen appears to join his battalion during the Second Battle of Ypres.

Letter from the war front world

WW1 trooper who rewrote history books 04 Jan Before I say any more I want you to think whether you yourself are quite sure you love me, and that when you asked me to marry you you were not influenced by any excitement of the moment — because you had not seen me for some time or because you were just going away.

Think of it — and then think if you had got the wrong girl how awful it would be — it would be tragic. When I went to bed I overheard Father tell Mother that your affaire you are going to do out there was jolly risky — I began to think and then realised if you never came back and I never saw you again — what I should do and what I should feel like.

It is horrible of me to talk like this but I am telling you all — it made me realise that I do love you Cecil — oh, that I could see you again now — but I cannot tell if I love you as much as you love me.

How much do you love me Cecil? I should like to get to know you yourself better and then at the end of six months if I am quite sure of my own mind and I have that sacred love for you that only man and woman can have I would promise definitely to become your wife.

If you think differently from what you told me on Monday do be sure and tell me and we will carry on as before and be chums and I will be just the same to you.

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Goodbye, Cecil, and remember I have some love for you, Dora 2nd Lieutenant Cecil Slack to Dora Willatt My dear Dora, For a long time before asking you to marry me I had been thinking things over and I was and am quite certain of my own feelings.

But I feel a rotter for asking you when I did. I ought to have waited, for one thing, until the war was over, and for another until I had more idea of your feelings. As it is I have given you a shock and have kindled feelings which should not have been aroused.

I am sorry and yet I am glad. You asked me to be quite sure I was not influenced by any excitement of the moment. I have loved you ever since I was at Rydal. A schoolboy love then — it often happens to schoolboys and then dies out. Mine did not die. You ask me how much I love you. All I can say is that I just love you with my whole heart.

Letters from the First World War, part one - The National Archives

I love you together with my Mother and my Father and my honour, but on a different scale altogether. There is just one thing I want to mention before I forget it, and it is this — if I should by any chance be crippled I shall cry off everything. I would not dream of marrying if I had not a sound body.

Perhaps it would be better if we put aside what has happened until after the war? Goodbye, Love from Cecil As Dora suggested, they waited six months to be sure, and then went ahead with their engagement. Cecil survived the war and they married in No doubt you will think me awfully unkind and perhaps fickle to write this while you are away, but this matter has worried me a great deal, and I have been halting between two opinions, as to whether it would be kinder to let you know now, and let myself be called unfaithful, or to wait until you come home, although knowing all the time in my heart that I was untrue.

When you went away, and I told you that I loved you best, I really meant it Jack, but such a lot seems to have happened since then. I really thought that I had forgotten Charlie in my love for you, but it is no use Jack, I cannot help loving Charlie best.

Letter from the war front world

I suppose it is because he was first.Read more features on World War 1 here >> Stephen Brown’s tragic story begins with an undated letter from early July , after he enlisted in the regular Army Reserve.

Nov 15,  · A letter home from the trenches of World War One by a soldier describing the horrors of war. Nov 16,  · Breaking news and analysis on politics, business, world national news, entertainment more.

In-depth DC, Virginia, Maryland news coverage . First World War: love letters from the trenches 18, serving as an ambulance driver on the Italian Front, sustained shrapnel wounds in both legs, and was sent to recuperate in Milan.

Apr 20,  · World War 1 A Letter From The Trenches WW1. Updated on March 16, James Paterson. It was from the heart and very descriptive capturing what life was like in the front line trenches.

I have the upmost respect for all who died fighting to preserve our county our way of life and most important our future. this is the best letter of Reviews: ~The following letter is not an authentic letter from a soldier, but a letter I wrote myself from a soldier's perspective that describes what the ANZAC's went through during WWI~.

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