Privatision of higher education boon or bane

Comments The Academic Ranking of World Universities Arwu announced last week that five South African universities were among the top universities in the world. But there are mixed opinions in the education sector about the value of world university rankings. The University of the Witwatersrand is the top university in the country. Three other universities placed in the top bracket in the world are the University of Pretoria, North-West University and Unisa.

Privatision of higher education boon or bane

Education is compulsory for each and every individual who wants to succeed in any area of life.

Privatision of higher education boon or bane

Primary education till the age of 14 years is compulsory and free in India and is maintained by the government. But when it comes to higher education, the trend of privatization is sadly noticed in India. The largest drawback resulting from privatization of education is increase in the fees as a result of which most of the students who are interested in continuing their studies are forced to quit because they cannot bare the expenses.

The question that arises is that why cannot government provide free higher education?

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We are all aware of the fact that any individual who only had his primary education is not eligible for earning the bare minimum that is required for his or her survival.

Though most of the people do not accept this bitter truth but the fact remains. If we take a close look at the statistics of developing countries we will see that India as a developing country lacks far behind when it comes to analyzing the ration of people with higher education as compared to the other developing countries.

If India dreams of becoming a developed country in the near future, it is extremely essential that more and more students opt for higher education.

As a result of privatization in higher education, the scheduled caste, scheduled tribes and the other backward classes have a limited access to these educational institutions. The most crucial issue is the lack of adequate funds in higher education.

The funds have increased from 1. If India wants to progress and assert itself as a developed nation, educating the youth is the key to open this door.

Privatision of higher education boon or bane

The truth is that the fees of higher education is largely increased by adding so called compulsory extra-curricular activities in the University and College curriculum. The kids who can afford higher education gets it and the ones who cannot are devoid of it. It is essential on the part of both the Union and the state governments to take strict actions against this evil for the progress of the nation as a whole.Granting various levels of autonomy from the University Grants Commission, the chief funding and regulating agency for institutions of higher education.

The list includes five central universities, 24 state universities, 21 deemed to be universities and eight colleges. Privatization of higher education is a bane because first of all education is a task which should consider all around development of alumni whereas private owned educational institutes concern up on high standards more than moral, ethical, and emotional values.

IJRESS Volume 2, Issue 7 (July ) ISSN: PRIVATIZATION OF HIGHER EDUCATION -A BOON OR A BAN Shammi Bajaj* ABSTRACT A well Developed and equitable system of higher education that promotes quality learning as a consequences of both teaching and research is central for success in the emerging knowledge economy.

Recently there has been a lot of controversy regarding the implementation of Semester system to the undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Delhi University.

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The protesting Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) has complained that the Vice Chancellor Deepak Pental is implementing the semester system in DU without consultation with . Privatization of Higher Education in India | Essay Article shared by Swami Vivekananda quoted “ Education is the manifestation of perfection already in men”.

This paper would throw light upon whether privatization of higher education is a boon or bane to the Indian educational system. It is also argued in the paper that privatization of higher education can be applied to improve the education system in all but with the regular control of some regulating authorities.

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