Prospectus for a dissertation

The Prospectus The prospectus is a proposal for dissertation research written under the supervision of a member of the doctoral faculty who is willing to sponsor it. The prospectus examination should be taken by the end of the second semester following advancement to candidacy for the student to maintain satisfactory progress. Sponsor The student will consult with a faculty member about sponsoring a dissertation project. When there is mutual agreement about the project the faculty member will notify the Executive Officer.

Prospectus for a dissertation

Guidelines for Prospectus and Dissertation Prospectus Guidelines Before the end of the spring semester of the third year, the Graduate School requires each student to submit a Dissertation Prospectus, i.

It is strongly recommended that students begin working with their advisor on this process early in the third year. Ideally students should submit the names of Dissertation Advisory Committee DAC members during the fall term of the third year and then submit the prospectus during the spring term of the third year.

Students must have both the committee members and the prospectus approved by the end of the third year May. The DAC consists of at least three members, including the thesis advisor, who must have a Graduate School appointment and will chair the committee.

Two members are expected to be YSPH faculty but participation of faculty members from other departments is encouraged. The student should also submit a one-page specific aims for the research plan and a rationale for each committee member. The proposed DAC members must sign the one-page specific aims stating that they have agreed to serve on the committee the signatures can be on a separate page.

Prospectus for a dissertation

The Graduate Studies Executive Committee GSEC prefers that students submit this one-page specific aims document for approval prior to developing the prospectus. The purpose of the prospectus is to formalize an understanding between the student, the DAC, and the GSEC regarding the scholarship of a proposed dissertation project.

All tables, graphs, figures, diagrams, and charts must be included within the twenty-page limit. References are not part of the page limit. Be succinct and remember that there is no requirement to use all twenty pages.

A prospectus found not to comply with these requirements will be returned without review. Title of Proposed Dissertation can be a working title.

A self-contained description of the project, which should be informative to other persons working in the same or related fields. State concisely the goals of the proposed research and summarize the expected outcome sincluding the impact that the results of the proposed research will exert on the research field s involved.

Use the following subsections: Describe any novel theoretical concepts, approaches or methodologies, instrumentation or interventions to be developed or used, and any advantage s over existing methodologies, instrumentation, or interventions. Describe the overall strategy, methodology, and analyses to be used.

Include preliminary data, if available. Acknowledge pitfalls and limitations of the research, and if possible suggest alternative strategies. Should be included at the end [not counted in the page limit]. Weekly meetings with the chair of the DAC are recommended. The DAC is expected to meet as a group at least twice each year, and more frequently if necessary.

Since dissertation progress reports are due at the close of the spring term, it is advised that one of the meetings be scheduled in March or April. The student schedules the meetings of the DAC.

The chairperson of the DAC, i. The document is to be distributed to the other committee members for comments. Because the prospectus is required fairly early in the dissertation research, the content of a thesis may change over time, and thus, the student should not feel bound by what is submitted.Dissertation Prospectus Outline The following outline should be helpful to the student in preparing a proposal for the dissertation research.

Each proposal will likely diverge somewhat from the outline depending on the type of study. Guidelines for the Dissertation Prospectus Stephen C. Behrendt The dissertation prospectus is the formal document you present to your PhD Supervisory Committee once you have achieved candidacy and are preparing to move on to the dissertation as your full-time project.

Normally you should plan to make this prospectus available to your. A dissertation prospectus is a paradoxical piece of writing. It is not an abstract (which is to say, a summary of a completed dissertation) or an introductory chapter of a dissertation, but rather an attempt to describe what is planned before it has actually been done.

The prospectus, either for the M.A. Thesis or Ph.D. Dissertation, is a written plan for the research the student intends to complete.

At the Ph.D. level, students must defend the prospectus in an oral examination after passing the Ph.D. exams. A dissertation prospectus is a paradoxical piece of writing.

Prospectus for a dissertation

It is not an abstract (which is to say, a summary of a completed dissertation) or an introductory chapter of a dissertation, but rather an attempt to describe what is planned before it has actually been done.

Dissertation Prospectus The conference is a forum in which students share their ideas with faculty and colleagues, and receive suggestions as they begin to research and write their dissertation. Following the conference, advisors may either approve the prospectus, or ask the student to revise it.

Prospectus and Dissertation