Research paper on home automation system

Home security systems consist a constantly, year after year, developing research field. Some of these systems are limited to support basic free download We present a practical and scalable solution that aims to achieve the Internet of Things IoT paradigm in complex contexts, such as the home automation market, in which problems are caused by the presence of proprietary and closed systems with no compatibility with free download Abstract: Home automation is becoming more and more popular day by day due to its numerous advantages.

Research paper on home automation system

Usha Devi 1, II M. Tech,Nalanda institute of engg. Abstract Home Automation industry is growing rapidly; this is fuelled by provide supporting systems for the elderly and the disabled, especially those who live alone. Coupled with this, the world population is confirmed to be getting older.

Research paper on home automation system

Home automation systems must comply with the household standards and convenience of usage. This paper details the overall design of a wireless home automation system WHAS which has been built and implemented.

The automation centres on recognition of voice commands and uses low-power RF ZigBee wireless communication modules which are relatively cheap.

The home automation system is intended to control all lights and electrical appliances in a home or office using voice commands. The system has been tested and verified. The verification tests included voice recognition response test, indoor ZigBee communication test.

The tests involved a mix of 10 male and female subjects with different Indian languages. Thus the test involved sending a total of 70 commands and Caring for and supporting this growing population is a concern for governments and nations around the globe [2]. Home automation is one of the major growing industries that can change the way people live.

Some of these home automation systems target those seeking luxury and sophisticated home automation platforms; others target those with special needs like the elderly and the disabled.

The system should be reasonably cheap, easy to configure, and easy to run. There have been several commercial and research projects on smart homes and voice recognition systems.

Figure 1 shows an integrated platform for home security, monitoring and automation SMA from uControl [3]. The system is a 7-inch touch screen that can wirelessly be connected to security alarms and other home appliances.

The home automation through this system requires holding and interacting with a large panel which constraints the physical movements of the user [4].

HAL software taps the power of an existing PC to control the home. It provides speech command interface. A big advantage of this system is it can send commands all over the house using the existing highway of electrical wires inside the homes walls.

No new wires means HAL is easy and inexpensive to install. However, most of these products sold in the market are heavily priced and often require significant home make over. The rest of the paper is organised as follows: Section II provides a system overview.

The experimental results are discussed in Section V. The paper concludes by looking at the future research and development work required to make the system more versatile.

The system is constructed in a way that is easy to install, configure, run, and maintain. The functional blocks of the overall system are shown in Figure 2.

Handheld Microphone Module with voice recognition unit MM The components of the microphone module are shown in Figure 4. It is matched with the voice previously recorded in HM If it matches the corresponding signals are send through Zigbee.

Here HM is the voice recognition unit. Microphone circuit board with Zigbee module and voice recognition unit. On this board voice is recorded and saved and then recognized whenever a command is given through microphone. The speech recognition system is a completely assembled and easy to use programmable speech recognition circuit.

Programmable, in the sense that you train the words or vocal utterances you want the circuit to recognize. This board allows you to experiment with many facets of speech recognition technology. It has 8 bit data out which can be interfaced with any microcontroller for further development.

The voice is captured using a microphone. Upon recognition of the commands, control characters are sent wirelessly to the specified appliance address. Consequently, appliances can be turned ON or OFF or controlled like increasing or decreasing the speed depending on the control characters received.ZigBee-based home automation system; free research paper telecommunication; real-time network based on research 4/ZigBee to control home automation environment.

Wireless Home Automation System Using Zigbee heavily priced and often require significant home make over. The rest of the paper is organized as follows: Section II provides a system overview.

The hardware design is detailed International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 5, Issue 12, December This paper presents a survey of all such systems.

General Terms Embedded Systems, Remote access Systems, Mobile Applications, Web Applications and Home Automation System Keywords can be used in the home automation systems. As a change in the status of . At entry point the system should secured this is the main purpose to design this paper aims to develop a low-cost means of home security system .

In this paper we propose an IoT based smart home management system using sensors, actuators, smartphone, web services and micro-controllers. The paper offers interoperability with exceptionally reliable connections.

The research methodology used to estimate and forecast the home automation system market begins with capturing data on key vendor revenue through government association based secondary research, and leading players’ newsletters.