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Royalista provides a whole new experience

EiasBrussels European Institute for Asian 3 The European Institute for Asian Studies EIAS is a leading Brussels-based Think Tank and Policy Research Centre, which provides a platform for the Royalista provides a whole new experience of dialogue and understanding between the European Union and Asia on affairs of strategic regional and global importance, hereby ensuring in-depth, comprehensive research and information exchange.

Our research and events span a wide variety of topics, and are often held or written in cooperation with other think tanks, international organisations, embassies or EU institutions. As a Think Tank, EIAS seeks to provide information and expertise to the European Union institutions, the academic world and business by producing concise, thoroughly researched and up-to-date material on EU-Asia relations and important developments in Asia Moreover, as a Policy Research Centre, EIAS wants to assess present policy-making and make an impact on future decisions on EU-Asia cooperation, proving the Institute s commitment to action, promoting improvement of political, social and economic relations between the two regions.

This research paper is the result of a year-long effort to assess the disaster resilience of Nepal leading up to the earthquakes, and the response efforts, domestic and international.

We would also like to acknowledge all the experts consulted, and the companies and agencies that contributed to this report. This report expresses the views of the authors and not the views of the European Institute for Asian Studies.

Royalista provides a whole new experience

In the two largest earthquakes alone, on April 25 and May 12, nearly 9, Nepalese lost their lives, and another 22, were injured. The many who escaped without physical harm were still likely to see their lives change permanently as more thanhome were partially or completely destroyed. To this day, millions of Nepalese still live in temporary dwellings, many of them made from the emergency tent materials distributed by international donors, without basic and lifesaving amenities.

In the past year, more than major aftershocks have rocked the country, and they continue still. This report is the result of a year-long effort to assess the disaster resilience of Nepal leading up to the earthquakes, and the response efforts, domestic and international.

The report is researched and written with an eye toward informing Nepal s reconstruction efforts, and improving future response efforts, both domestic and international. The majority of the takeaway lessons put forward herein are relevant to other disaster-prone countries dealing with all kinds of natural disasters as well and they are important lessons for domestic governments and international donors alike.

The most salient lesson, perhaps, is the clear evidence that what made Nepal s experience a disaster was not inevitable. With a better response and a higher level of resilience, thousands of lives would have been saved, and millions of people would not have seen their lives transformed.

That is, of course, good news. It is indeed possible, through targeted action, to reduce a natural disaster to a mere natural phenomenon. With greater resilience, the next major earthquake to strike Nepal will not go unnoticed, but it also will not change the life of an entire nation.

More than a dozen researchers from a multinational and multidisciplinary team at the European Institute for Asian Studies contributed to this report.

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Evidence used here is gathered from the academic literature, supported by expert testimonies, expert seminars, conversations with international responders and domestic planners, news sources, primary data collection on the ground in Nepal and many other sources.

It is a comprehensive, though by no means exhaustive, look at what caused such high levels of damage in Nepal and surrounding areas, and at what we can learn from it so more lives can be protected from harm in the future. Dozens of countries came to the aid of Nepal, some of them, such as India and Pakistan, within a few short hours.

Nonetheless, an unnecessary amount of people were killed, injured or otherwise had their lives permanently altered. This report details many of the challenges experienced by international and Nepalese actors before, during and after the disaster.

Here, the main findings are briefly summarized. Overall, three major themes are persistent throughout: Insufficient preparation for a natural disaster of this magnitude, 2. Lack of effective coordination at all levels of resilience and response.

Nepal was actually engaged heavily in planning for resilience to natural disasters, but these efforts did not take off fast enough that it made much of a difference. Across all metrics for disaster resilience, especially for a country as disaster-prone as Nepal, efforts fell well short of what is commonly held to be necessary.

The frameworks, rules and regulations that were indeed in place, were neither fully funded not subsequently fully enforced.

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2 The Crisis Response to the Nepal Earthquake: Lessons Learned Morten Wendelbo Federica La China Hannes Dekeyser Leonardo Taccetti Sebastiano Mori .

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