Should pueto rico become 51st state

USA Puerto Rico has overwhelmingly voted to become the 51st state of the United States, in a referendum which promised enormous change, yet in reality is likely to make little difference. Ricardo Rossello, the governor of the US territory, told supporters numbering a few hundred people that he would now press Washington to respect the vote. Over half a million people voted in favour of the territory becoming a full state, with only 7, votes for free association or independence, and 6, votes for the current territorial status.

Should pueto rico become 51st state

Things, such as the right to vote and other benefits, are not given to Puerto Ricans, but they are allowed to fight in the US military and can also own lands in the US.

So, why not just make Puerto Rico a US state?

Consequences of Statehood

Let us take a look at the pros and cons that go with it. It allows for an improved quality of life. Nearly half of all people in Puerto Rico are living under the poverty line, and its integration as a full state would bring job opportunities and a wealth of benefits to a country that desperately needs it.

It helps the US greatly in terms of economics. It offers more opportunities for Puerto Ricans. This means that all residents would get access to job and income creation benefits that could make a difference.

Moreover, they can integrate into the US national economy, allowing to pull themselves out of the hardships they are experiencing. It engenders a political sway.

With over 4 million people, Puerto Rico can have an impressive 9 electoral votes in elections and would have 7 house representatives and 2 senators representing them on current issues, causing a large shift in political control.

Currently, Puerto Ricans do not exercise sovereignty over their own affairs. It allows Puerto Ricans to have a say in the government and laws that affect them. Though the US Congress has the final say of everything that would go on in Puerto Rico, it is not possible for its citizens to vote in US elections, which means that statutes and laws that apply to them are not things they can vote on.

If the statehood were to happen, then Puerto Ricans can finally vote on laws that would apply to them. It implements the right to vote. Statutes and laws that are passed in the US would be applied to the people in Puerto Rico, but they are not given the chance to vote on certain issues.

By making Puerto Rico a state, it would give all its citizens the right to vote on the things that would impact them. It boosts tax revenue for the US. Adding the country to the state roster of the US would bring in a huge amount of extra revenue each year for the Federal Reserve, of which money would be brought in through income taxes and sales.

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It improves health care for Puerto Rico. Making it a state would greatly improve such a system and give Puerto Ricans access to government medicine.In various countries around the world, people who believe their local or national culture has become too Americanized sometimes use the term "51st state" in reference to their own countries.

[1] Voters in Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico have both voted for statehood in referendums. Jun 12,  · Puerto Ricans voted overwhelmingly Sunday to become the 51st U.S. state, but there is no celebrating yet.

Only Congress can make Puerto Rico . Should Pueto Rico Become 51st State. Topics: United States, Puerto Rico should become a state because the government would benefit by receiving additional tax revenue for the money that comes in for tourism each year.

Should pueto rico become 51st state

Puerto Ricans have been controlled by . List of Cons of Puerto Rico Becoming a State. 1.

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It leads to culture loss. Many people are concerned that the rich Puerto Rican culture would eventually be lost when Puerto Rico is integrated to the US. Nov 25,  · ONE of the little-noticed results of the Nov.

Should pueto rico become 51st state

6 elections was a plebiscite held in Puerto Rico on the island’s relationship with the United States. Puerto Rico, the 51st State. Puerto Rico has been under the U.S. flag since , and Puerto Ricans have been granted U.S.

citizenship since But the Commonwealth is still an unincorporated territory. What does this mean? Whether it will ultimately become a State or a nation has not been determined.

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