Strength and weakness of servant leadership

One of the most common causes of unfulfilled expectations in many organizations is, surprisingly enough, the presence of a great leader at the top. Because a track record of success--particularly great success--breeds patterns of behavior that, as the business grows and becomes more complex, turn assets into liabilities. These weaknesses can be even more dangerous to the company, because the leader in question usually views them as key skills. Or more precisely, giving the appearance of listening.

Strength and weakness of servant leadership

The leader of the group becomes an administrator for the group as opposed to a policy maker or disciplinarian. It can be easy to dismiss servant leadership as offering no direction.

But the servant leadership style offers several advantages that you should consider.

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Diversity The servant leadership approach can be effective in a diverse workplace, as an autocratic style of leadership can cause alienation among employees. A democratic form of leadership can sometimes cause opposing points of view to be lost or distorted to fit the needs of the group. The servant leadership style serves each member of the group.

This allows for personalized management for each diverse member of the team and can help to maintain team cohesiveness.

Servant Leadership Theory Strengths and Weaknesses

Loyalty In other forms of management styles, the needs and visions of the company are put ahead of the needs of the staff.

With servant leadership, the needs of the staff become of primary importance. The managerial staff develops a moral standing in decision-making that favors the employees. The strong consideration for the needs of the employees, and the advantages this can have in the areas of career development and work-home life balance, develops a strong sense of loyalty from the employee to the company.

Involvement A workplace that runs under a servant leadership style can choose to operate for the needs of individual employees or it can operate as a collective where the group makes decisions. Unlike a democratic management style where the majority rules, in a servant leadership setting, all opinions and input matters.

A company can obtain a wide variety of solutions to issues and improve the feeling of teamwork within the workplace by using the servant leadership style to get employees involved in decision making.

Strength and weakness of servant leadership

Productivity Leaders that use the servant leadership style tend to gain a great deal of respect and trust from their employees, according to psychology professor Paul T.

Wong of Tyndale University College in Toronto. The strong positive feelings between management and employees that the servant leadership style promotes translate into a high sense of morale.

When employees are satisfied with their jobs and their company, workplace productivity rises.Weakness Of Servant Leadership.

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Servant Leadership When we talk about leadership, we refer to people who motivate, influence, and build up relationships, based on trust, respect, and integrity. I have observed my areas of weakness and strength in detail.

· A servant leader helps the employee to discover their abilities, ambitions, and encourages a positive work-life balance. Weaknesses of Servant leader: · The many characteristics of a servant leader may seem excessive. There are only a few leaders who can achieve these attributes.

· Unsuitable in aggressive work place. Disadvantages may be servant leadership and humility can be a sign of weakness.

Servant Leadership worldviews may have inherent weaknesses, inconsistencies, or exposes the strength. Using your Strengths to become an effective Servant Leader Strength = Talent + Knowledge + Skills – Servant Leadership is integrated throughout our development process – Not a “one time” thing – Always evolving – Start with a core group – Must come from the top down.

That's why I often hear my clients' colleagues say, "It's his strength, but also weakness at times " So it's important to know which of 7 Leadership Strengths Are Weaknesses When Taken Too Far (The Recovering Leader).

 Servant Leadership MidAmerica Nazarene University Servant Leadership According to Robert K. Greenleaf, servant leadership “is a philosophy and set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world”.

Participative leaders are ones who accept input from.

Strengthes & Weaknesses - Servant Leadership