The night of a lifetime

Is it true that the average person 'eats' upto 4 spiders in their sleep during their lifetime?

The night of a lifetime

Ibiza and things that go bump in the night Cala Jondal Photoshoot at the Alegria beach club We had a long, lumpy sail in the rain across to Ibiza and dropped anchor in Cala Jondal, the home of one of Ibiza's most famous beach clubs, The Blue Marlin.

It is a honey pot for the rich and famous.

The night of a lifetime

Needless to say we felt quite small surrounded by dozens of mega yachts. We dinghied ashore and joined the party at the Alegria beach bar, probably the least posey of the three beach clubs in the bay. We were entertained by a fashion shoot and of course the glamorous jet set sunning themselves on their sun loungers.

It was only one bay away from the airport and so a perfect spot to pick up Rob and Julie who were arriving in a couple of days.

We first needed to stock up with food, booze, water and diesel and so made our way up to the second largest town on the island, San Antonio. No longer the small fishing village it once was, it is now a centre of mass tourism and nightclubs.

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Usefully though it also has a few good supermarkets. Fully laden we returned to Cala Jondal to pick up our friends.

Walking along Espalmador beach Cala Saona beach and rustic bar With two extra crew on board we set off for Formentera and anchored off the northern tip just south of the private island of Espalmador.

We had a lovely long walk along the stunning beach and inland to the mud baths. Sadly Health and Safety seem to have reached this little island and for health reasons you are no longer allowed to cake yourself in the soft glutinous mud.

Maybe it was a good thing as the smell was pretty pungent! The anchorage was filling up and soon included Ocean Voyager, the 10th largest yacht in the world. It is understood to be owned by a Russian steel billionaire and features six swimming pools, a jacuzzi, gym, helipad and a helicopter hanger.

The follwing day we left the super yachts behind and moved south to Cala Saona to anchor under the red cliffs for the night. We dinghied ashore for an early sunset drink at the rustic beach bar before walking across the sands to sample our first Spanish paella. Early next morning we set off back north to Ibiza and up the dramatic west coast.

Sadly the red dragon didn't get hoisted that night! We continued north to Portinatx, a popular sheltered bay with three beaches and a busy little town. By nightfall the anchorage was full. Maybe that had something to do with the strong winds that were starting to blow.

The fun and games began in earnest around 11pm. Boats and Cala San Miguel from the beach bar their navigation lights were soon milling around as anchors began to drag. Suddenly we felt a large bump as a big Sunsail catamaran named Portals Vells, pinned itself to our bow.

It continued to rake down our starboard side as we wondered helplessly how long our anchor would hold the two boats. It wouldn't be long before we too would start dragging onto the many boats lying behind us.

The Swedish crew were in a panic and with their skipper ashore they couldn't bring up their anchor, nor could they buoy it off. Somehow we needed to extricate ourselves as soon as possible. With much relief we then brought our own anchor up, told the crew of Portals Vells we would see them in the morning and motored off to anchor in the safety of clear, deeper water.

A couple of hours later the catamaran in question sailed by into the darkness and we watched as its stern light disappeared over the horizon. So much for our arrangement to discuss the damage done in the morning! Julie excelled herself on Twitter and Facebook and by daylight Sunsail had responded.

In the morning we moved back to shallower water and got down to writing a detailed report of the previous nights "hit and run" incident which needed to be sent to the Palma, Mallorca base.

Sunsail were not going to get away with this. Chain damage to the bottom of the boat or modern art?The Night of a Lifetime Complete Theme Sort by: Latest Products First Best Sellers Products Name A to Z Products Name Z to A Price Low to High Price High to Low Price Range.

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