The ready to eat breakfast cereal industry in 1994 essay

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The ready to eat breakfast cereal industry in 1994 essay

Wheat, kaoliang sorghummillet, barley, soy beans and corn are grown in the north. Rice is the dominate crop in the south. Wheat and corn are summer crops, potatoes and radishes are autumn crops.

Peanuts where among many products introduced from the New World to Asia, where it was embraced by vegetarian Buddhists as a protein source. Corn is grown for food, fodder and export.

China is now virtually self sufficient in wheat, rice and corn. To see how much longer China can remain self-sufficient, the markets for these staples are being watched closely by commodity trading companies, U.

As it becomes more affluent people consume more meat and cooking oil and this has lead to increased demand for soybeans as an oil source and feed for livestock. Websites and Resources On Agriculture: Wikipedia article Wikipedia ; Wconomy Watch.

Per capita consumption has risen, and the demand for wheat flour has increased as incomes have risen. Wheat has been by far the most important imported grain. Winter wheat, which in the same year accounted for about 88 percent of total national output, is grown primarily in the Yangtze Valley and on the North China Plain.

The crop is sown each fall from September through November and is harvested in May and June the subsequent year.

Spring wheat is planted each spring in the north and northeast and is harvested in late summer. Spring wheat contributes about 12 percent of total wheat output. Corn production has increased substantially over time and in some years has been second only to production of rice. Consumers have traditionally considered corn less desirable for human use than rice or wheat.

Nevertheless, it frequently yields more per unit of land than other varieties of grain, making it useful for maintaining subsistence. As incomes rose in the early s, consumer demand for corn as a food grain decreased, and increasing quantities of corn were allocated for animal feed.

Millet is used primarily as a food grain. Sorghum is not a preferred food grain and in the s was used for livestock feed and maotai, a potent alcoholic beverage.

The crop is grown on the North China Plain and in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze Valley.

The Food Timeline--beverages

Sugarcane accounted for about 83 percent of total output of sugar crops in Farmers raise vegetables in private plots for their own consumption. Eighty percent of the land was sown with grain, 5 percent with oilseed crops, 5 percent with fruits, 3 percent with vegetables, 2 percent with fiber crops, and 0.

Other crops made up the remaining 4 percent. It is the source of most of the calories and protein in the average diet and accounts for a sizable proportion of the value of agricultural production.

The ready to eat breakfast cereal industry in 1994 essay

Grain output paralleled the increase in population from through but rose rapidly in the decade between and Library of Congress] The early rice crop grows primarily in provinces along the Yangtze and in provinces in the south; it is planted in February to April and harvested in June and July and contributes about 34 percent to total rice output.

Intermediate and single-crop late rice grows in the southwest and along the Yangtze; it is planted in March to June and harvested in October and November and also contributed about 34 percent to total rice output in the s.

The ready to eat breakfast cereal industry in 1994 essay

Double-crop late rice, planted after the early crop is reaped, is harvested in October to November and adds about 25 percent to total rice production. Rice grown in the north is planted from April to June and harvested from September to October; it contributes about 7 percent to total production.

China has had strong grain harvests from to Grain harvests in were a record The harvest was about million tons in Grain production dropped from million tons in to million tons in and increased to million tons in and million tons in thanks to favorable weather and incentive to farmers.

In China produced million tons of wheat, rice and other grains. In China produced million tons, or Its plant oil cropsat 15 million tons in are a close second to those of the United States and amounted to Other grains, such as barley, buckwheat, millet, oats, rye, sorghum, and tritcale a wheat-rye hybridadded substantially to overall grain production.Intro duction.

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