Thesis on typography julien vallee

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Thesis on typography julien vallee

Essay Mutable type is type that changes. With conventional type, typographers have few options, and the letters remain fixed on the page or on the screen. The letters don't change. With mutable type, typographers have more power to change how they set the type, how that typesetting is displayed in any given media, and what parts of it might vary over time.

Mutable typography encompasses different kinds of type—alphabets, letterings, and typefaces. An alphabet is any set of letters from A to Z that can be arranged to form Thesis on typography julien vallee. An analog alphabet made for printing is a typeface.

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A digital alphabet is not a typeface unless it is in a correct font format like. Digital alphabets reside in raster image files composed of a collection of dots called pixelsvector files composed of mathematically defined geometric shapesor 3D file formats.

A mutable alphabet would feature options beyond a single set of A to Z characters. For example, physical, three-dimensional letterforms like blocks of wood carved into letters could be coated with blackboard paint, and a person could draw on the letter blocks with colored chalks.

This would be a mutable alphabet.

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In this example, anyone could erase the colored-chalk drawings and redraw new ones to change the superficial exteriors of the letters, but not the letterforms the wood blocks themselves.

The letter placement, legibility, and overall aesthetic would remain intact. A digital image file containing different alphabets with a single aesthetic is a mutable alphabet.

During my undergrad studies, I had a graphic design professor who made a mutable alphabet this way.

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He started with an old set of wooden type. He used the wooden type to letterpress an alphabet, but to make his set of letters into a mutable alphabet, he used the letterpress to stamp different versions of the alphabet. Then he scanned the letterpressed alphabets and gave his students a contact sheet of all the letters, including the different versions.

Because the old wooden letters had different patterns of distress, no two versions of a letter were exactly the same. When typesetting from this alphabet, we were able to incorporate different versions of the letter A that were the same shape but had different distress patterns. FIG1 Piled alphabet shapes from AlphaBeta This figure contains all eight alphabets in the typeface in black; all single letters cycle trough in red.

Lettering refers to the process of an illustrator or type designer drawing letters to form a message of any length for one specific use only. Professionals are often called upon to make letterings for logos, magazine spreads, album covers, posters, tattoos, business names on storefront windows, advertisement murals on the sides of brick buildings, and so on.

Probably one of the most famous examples of lettering ever made is the logo for Coca-Cola. Those swift, script capital Cs are immediately recognizable and look odd without the rest of the mark.

Coca-Cola's logo is considered lettering because it was drawn specifically for the brand. I've seen mediocre attempts where someone has tried to take the letters from the logo and build a non-mutable typeface around them, but it's nearly impossible to make a non-mutable font resemble true lettering.

The Coca-Cola letters were drawn specifically to connect in a single work of art, a brand name, and not to be individually disconnected and reordered, the way a font would be.

A letterer—he or she who creates letterings—would take advantage of new media to make a lettering piece mutable.

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On the internet, animated GIFs can be used to make mutable letterings. A GIF pronounced like the peanut butter Jif is a web-friendly image format. An animated GIF contains different images as layers that are revealed on a timer like video and film.

In a mutable lettering GIF, each layer can hold different mutations of the letterforms. With each timed reveal of a layer, the lettering changes into a different version of itself. A loop showcasing a curated morphing of characters is also an example of mutable lettering.

Like animated GIFs, video depends on screen media. Printed lettering must be more audacious to become mutable—perhaps relying on the reveal of different translucent physical layers to change the letterforms underneath, or something equally far-fetched.

Typefaces are any set of type a usual set has upper and lowercase alphabets, numerals, hyphens and punctuation marks in which the design looks cohesive from one character to another.

Thesis on typography julien vallee

Typefaces are ready to be set letter by letter to form any text. Digital typefaces are called fonts. Analog typefaces are carved out of wood or cast in lead for use in printing presses.Stop-motion typography piece from Montreal based Julien Vallee. Posted February 26, by John Cranston.

Based on Kurt Shwitters “Thesis on Typography”, Julien Vallee has created this meld of stop-motion and motion-graphic typography all with influences pouring in from the Dada movement. Vallee states that the underlying idea . Stop-motion typography piece from Montreal based Julien Vallee Based on Kurt Shwitters “Thesis on Typography”, Julien Vallee has created this meld of stop-motion and motion-graphic typography all with influences pouring in from the.

Thesis on Typography by Julien Vallee goes right to my stop motion/typography loving heart. Based on Kurt Schwitters famous "Thesis on Typography" that asked whether or not typography could be art and inspired by the Dada movment, Vallee purposely over-used the graphical elements to render the.

Stop-motion typography piece from Montreal based Julien Vallee Posted February 26, by John Cranston Based on Kurt Shwitters “Thesis on Typography”, Julien Vallee has created this meld of stop-motion and motion-graphic typography all with influences pouring in from the Dada movement.

Mutable Typography is the thesis project of Rolando G Alcantara. It was done for the Graphic Design Masters of Fine Arts program at the Maryland Institute College of Art, class of 20 Creatives to Watch in Her style is crisp and bold, with striking uses of typography.

Studio Vallée Duhamel, founded by Montreal-based artists Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel, specialises in playful, experimental lo-fi video, visuals and installations.

Their recent titles for the OFFF festival were a pure form of animated poetry.

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