Values in indian culture essay

Example Essays Human beings learn their cultural traditions and values from the inception of their lives. They acquire the cultural traditions and values through myths, legends, and fairy tales.

Values in indian culture essay

There is little about modern India that strikes one at once as Utopian: Ideals were expressed in terms of ethics, and are related, some to people in general, and some, more specialized, to the principal classes, in particular the brahmans, whose inherited religious and magical powers, and responsibility for the spiritual and even material welfare of the state- marked them out for respectful treatment, financial patronage, and, if they were suitably conscientious, cramping taboos.

Special ideals were naturally developed for the raja, the key figure in leadership, whether he was a head of a clan, or an emperor. This attitude towards moral qualities and forms of behaviour introduces us to the fact that equilibrium rather than equality, peace rather than liberty, were the fundamental ideals.

These notions can be interpreted partly as an escape from, and partly as an attempted insurance against the primeval chaos which was supposed to lurk in the background, the chaos which was believed to justify indirectly, and positively to require, the state itself.

Unseen benefits hereafter and prestige in this life were not to be attained merely by moral qualities and good behaviour. A similar arrangement of ideals is found in the maxim that one falls from caste i by not observing what is laid down in law or customii by observing what is prohibited, or iii by not bringing the senses under control.

The leading themes are well evidenced in that distinctively Indian, if non-brahmanical, sect, Jainism, which combines venerable age and longevity. Since many Jainas have been commercially minded the significance of these virtues is apparent. How the social and personal intermingle is revealed in these standard characteristics of the Jaina householder: Obedience to rulers, as such, we do not find amongst the typical virtues: Respect for the caste-system is implicit in the scheme outlined.

To search for social and political ideals anterior to the caste-system would be fruitless. This word tends to bring cosmology down into touch with the mundane details of private law. Without dharma, in however etiolated a form, fertility, peace, civilized life are considered to be imperiled.

Dharma is in one sense natural, in that it is not created or determined though in practice in obscure cases its exponents determine what its sense isand in another it is always to be striven for. Dharma is unnatural in that to achieve it one must put forth uncongenial efforts of self-control, irrespective of popular reactions.

Values in indian culture essay

Perhaps the categorization and tendency to division was overdone in the writings, but they are faithful to the essential character of that society. Nominate the man, state his age, caste, and status, and one can be told what his dharma is. He deviates from it at his peril, his spiritual peril in any case, his physical or financial peril too if the king is as alert to deviations as he ought to be.

Adharma unrighteousness is the forerunner of chaos. Man has a natural tendency to decline into chaos. In one myth chaos required the invention of kingship and the appointment of a semi-divine king.

Dharma and kingship are thus inseparable.Free Essay: Teaches moral values in its point of view. But no one is aware of such kind of moral values in The Holy book.

For example, how many children's. Indian Culture Essay 6 ( words) The culture in India is everything such as inherited ideas, way of people’s living, beliefs, rituals, values, habits, care, gentleness, knowledge, etc.

India is an oldest civilization of the world where people still follow their old culture of humanity and care. Brief Essay on the Traditional Value of Indian Culture. Article shared by. Traditional Indian values must be viewed both from the angle of the indivi­dual and from that of the geographically delimited agglomeration of peoples or groups enjoying a common system of leadership which we call the ‘state’.

Free sample essay on Indian Culture for students. Dictionary defines culture as “the total of the inherited ideas, beliefs, values and knowledge, which constitute the shared bases of social. Indian culture is unique and diverse.

Because of this, it is well-known around the world. Let’s have a look at some distinctive features of cultural heritage of this country. Free sample essay on Indian Culture for students. Dictionary defines culture as “the total of the inherited ideas, beliefs, values and knowledge, which constitute the shared bases of social action of a particular civilization”.

Culture is the idea, value and beliefs of a particular civilization.

Values in indian culture essay
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